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Archdaily / Tres Elefantes


El cliente y chef del restaurante Tres Elefantes soñaba con un ambiente de espíritu moderno y joven donde poder ofrecer un nuevo y único concepto de comida asiática en Guatemala. El concepto de diseño debía reinterpretar y reflejar la riqueza de las culturas asiáticas de forma innovadora para crear un espacio moderno y casual. El reto para Olik Studio estaba en lograr abstraer elementos de la cultura oriental e incorporarlas en un pequeño espacio de 142 metros cuadrados que contara con área de cocina, área de bebidas, baños para clientes y espacio de mesas para la mayor cantidad de personas posible.


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Archdaily / El Cafecito

El cliente deseaba lanzar la nueva imagen comercial del restaurante con una arquitectura que se adaptara a la misma. Una imagen moderna y fresca fue lo que definió el concepto de diseño en este restaurante. Los colores neutros y sobrios del logo se prestaron para combinarse con colores más atrevidos como el turquesa y el rojo los cuales aportaron un mayor impacto al lugar.


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Are You Ready for excellent Educational Good results. Obtain Papers Today


Or even knottier.

On the eve of the Revolution, about eleven per cent of male taxpayers in Boston owned slaves the Copleys experienced quite a few. Farther south, the numbers only grew, and Taylor-a historian at the College of Virginia-emphasizes that lots of masters were being fighting for the liberty to enslave. In 1772, England’s optimum court docket hazily implied that colonial slaves who arrived in England would tu out to be cost-free.

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The decision failed to pertain to enslaved people in the colonies, but it advised that England was the legitimate bastion of liberty, and it rendered imperial electric power all the extra threatening to colonists who have been previously alarmed about taxation without illustration. A parliament that could tax colonists, immediately after all, may well also absolutely free their slaves. In the course of the war, royal officers-in a shift intended extra to rating a issue than to progress an antislavery agenda-did assist totally free hundreds of southe slaves who experienced fled their patriot masters for the British traces. In retu, Taylor observes, “patriots rallied well-liked assist by associating the British with slaves, bandits, and Indians.

Our organization carry our responsibility severely

” The Revolution was just as racially charged in the West, and just as violent. In 1763, financially and territorially overextended just after the 7 as well you’re in search of method vitae or investigation old-designed pieces of paper composing assistance slot core i3 each similarly you’re looking for class vitae or have a look at old-fashioned written documents crafting services Years’ War, Britain had experimented with to control frontier bloodshed by banning colonial settlement west of the Appalachians, where indigenous folks dominated.

Colonists protested that Britain was favoring Indians around its have white subjects, and when the Revolution erupted, Taylor writes, frontier turmoil tued “anarchic” whilst some Us citizens grew “genocidal. ” Colonial and Indian cities alike had been bued to ashes, crops ruined, heads skinned, skulls shattered. Among the the Iroquois in what is now upstate New York, George Washington acquired the name Hanodagonyes, or “Town Destroyer” the father of a person nation had purchased the devastation of a different. The 1783 Peace of Paris only introduced continued chaos, as Us citizens began to occupy their recently gained weste territory and native folks confederated in response.

American Indians were not the only neighbors to threaten the younger United States. British Canada and Spanish Louisiana courted Americans’ loyalties by variously featuring more affordable land, much better trade, and, astonishingly, reduced taxes.

Taylor’s attention to conflicted frontier loyalties echoes Kamensky’s northeaste standpoint: Early American nationalism was a do the job in development, not something the revolutionaries and the Founders dared acquire for granted. By the mid-1780s, Americans’ loose confederation of states was dangerously near to unraveling, when the Indian confederation was surging. To a lot of onlookers throughout North America and Europe, the United States appeared destined for defeat, even after the Structure boosted federal electric power. The mighty British empire hadn’t been ready to management the backcountry, so how was an untested and income-lousy republic meant to manage the problem? The resolution was as brutal as the war alone, but it labored. As an alteative of hoping to compel obedience in the West, as the British experienced tried with the Proclamation of 1763, the United States federal govement at some point attempted to get paid westeers’ loyalty by serving to them dispossess indigenous folks.

Integrating decades of scholarship, Taylor concludes his bold continental story with Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, which served transform the tempestuous West from a nationwide curse into a countrywide blessing, a source of income and votes and geopolitical electricity (at least till 1861, when the destiny of slavery in the West sparked an additional, even larger war).




Para las tres arquitectas el trayecto apenas empieza, pero lo que las llevó de un concurso a crear su propio estudio fue la pasión por el diseño y saber aprovechar el momento justo para emprender.

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prostatakarzinom therapie}


Publicación en revista Planos y Estilos


Olik Studio es una firma de arquitectura y diseño fundada en el 2012 por Andrea Hurtado Bocaletti, Alejandra Hurtado de Marroquín y Daniela Molina de Unda.

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Mundo del diseño


La creatividad tendrá un gran punto de encuentro a partir de enero, cuando abra sus puertas Deco City, centro donde cien empresas de decoración, muebles y materiales para la construcción ofrecerán sus productos.

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